Meetings Every Friday - See Schedule Below
Visitors welcome at any time - Now 2 trial visits free of charge - and a coffee/tea if you wish.
Please Note - All timings are approximate. Sometimes it will be necessary to change plans with no notice.

Finishing times are approximate - if there is spare time at the end of a talk/demonstration, individual members problems can be looked at (and fixed/advice given wherever possible)
The Albox Computer Club Website is undergoing substantial changes. We are simplifying both the content and layout/accessibility, and at the same time making it more maintainable.
Whenever possible the front pages, including the schedule of sessions, will be kept updated.
Further information can be obtained when you visit the club either as a member or a visitor.
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Meetings & Topics
Meetings & facilities
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27 April
From time to time meetings my be cancelled or the contents changed, if unavoidable. We'll do our best to post a notice here, and email all Members
Owing to current circumstances, schedules
may be altered at short notice.
4 May
Hands on help
11 May
Google maps
18 May
We have some more potential topics in the pipeline, but please keep sending us ideas of what you would like to see covered
Bob Read
Founded by David J Shear
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