The acc is an officially registered non-commercial and non-profit making members club. You can look to us for honest and open information on all things connected to your computer use. We have members at all levels of experience - even those who don't yet have computers should be able to come along and get sound advice on the wheres and whyfors of purchasing a computer.

We meet weekly and in the course of a few hours or so have a talk/demonstration of some relevant topics - and also spend some time chatting with each other about how to solve those niggling problems, where there are good deals on equipment and consumables, and so on. The idea is that we can all learn from our various experiences. There will always be someone around with a fair degree of experience, and you'll soon find out who the "gurus" are for the thing you want to know more about.

There is an elected commitee who help with the day-to day running of the club, and help plan activities. As a Registered Associacion we have an AGM and election of officers, keep formal accounts and have an official minutes book.

Registered with the Junta de Andalucia as a Non-profit Association. Registration Number 4955 in Section 1 Registro de Associaciones de Andalucia. The club also has it's own CIF number.

Club documents, including Articles of Association, Account Books, Minutes of Meetings, are available for inspection by paid up Members.

Declared Club aims, as stated in the Articles of Association.

1. To educate Members and promote the safer use of computers.

2. To assisst Members with specific problems with their personal computers.

3. To renovate computers (and related IT) donated to the club, and then to donate them to deserving causes.

The current Officers of the club for 2017 are :-

President .... Chris Winter Secretary .... Will Gater

Treasurer .... Martin Wright (Dell when Martin id away) Membership .... Yvonne Clark

Committee .... Bob Read, Len Toop, Della Naylor, David Shear, Peter Hiden

Responsible for loan items .... Terry Keen Responsible for Club laptop .... Peter Hiden


A full list of Membership terms are available for perusal here. Membership document available soon.
What the acc is - briefly
Every new full Member (12 yearly) will receive an 8GB Memory Stick for use when copying club stuff at meetings. In view of this we will not be loaning out sticks for this purpose as it makes keeping them updated more awkward.

The club laptop is running Windows 10 and kept up-to-date. If you want to have a look at at your leisure, with no risk to your own system, it's available for Members to borrow for a week - just ask.

We also have a variety of useful items for Members to borrow (see the Main Notes 2 page). Please ask if you want to borrow something.
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